• XRP has increased by 2.5% in the past 24 hours, rising to $0.375464 amid a 5% gain for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. • Whale Alert has highlighted some very large transfers of XRP in the past few days, suggesting that at least some XRP whales are buying and preparing to hold. • […]
• The total value locked (TVL) in Cardano’s blockchain has reached an all-time high of 341 million ADA, indicating growing adoption of the platform. • Despite this, the USD-denominated TVL on the Cardano blockchain remains well below its early 2022 highs, due to a significant fall in the USD-denominated price of ADA in the last […]
• Bitcoin failed to break above $25,000, leading to a 3% drop in price last week and another 1.5% lower this week. • Bitcoin options markets have responded by dropping volatility expectations sharply, with short-term volatility expectations experiencing the sharpest move lower. • Options markets are mixed on the outlook for Bitcoin, with open interest […]
RobotEra: The Future of Gaming • RobotEra is a metaverse crypto project that aims to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem where players can earn rewards in the form of its native token, RobotEra. • The project leverages the Ethereum blockchain and its „play-to-earn“ model allows players to earn tokens by participating in games and completing […]
• PayPal held $604 million of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2022, with Bitcoin and Ethereum accounting for almost 90% of that figure. • The company’s crypto holdings account for 67% of its total financial liabilities, amounting to $902 million as of December 31. • PayPal introduced a service allowing U.S.-based customers to buy and […]
Overview • The city of Suzhou, in China, has unveiled a plan to encourage citizens and businesses to transact with the digital yuan token. • By 2025, they hope to increase their cumulative transactions volume sixfold. • The city also plans to process $30 billion worth of digital yuan-powered loans for small- and medium-sized enterprises […]
• An elderly Japanese woman was scammed out of over $748,000 worth of tokens by a crypto scammer who told her that her bank account was under attack. • The scammer convinced her to open a wallet on a crypto exchange and use her bank details to buy an unnamed token, which was then promptly […]
• Cameron and Taylor Winklevoss, founders of Gemini exchange, are facing scrutiny due to their involvement in a feud between them and Barry Silbert, another crypto entrepreneur. • Gemini’s interest-paying “Earn” program, which was partnered with Genesis Global Capital, a subsidiary of Silbert’s Digital Currency Group (DCG), was halted due to a lack of other […]
• Researchers at South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb have identified seven events that will affect bitcoin and crypto prices in 2023. • These events include the Federal Reserve’s decision to ease austerity measures, and whether or not Russia will green-light its trading companies to use cryptoassets as a means of settlement in cross-border deals. • […]
• Dogecoin price continues to outperform its peers as it inches closer to obliterating one zero. • The largest meme coin will probably close the week above $0.1 as the bulls eye a return to $0.1586. • Dogecoin is sitting on top of robust support at $0.0847, reinforced by the 200-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA). […]