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Switzerland has a successful four strand concept (prevention, therapy, damage limitation and repression) with regard to its drug policy.
The objective is to ensure the humane reintegration of drug addicts into society.
  • Targeted prevention to stop young people from falling into the drug scene.
  • Show the drug addicts that there is a way out of their addiction through therapy. 
  • Not ostracise them from society through repression and exclusion.
  • Anyone who destroys the life of a young person through the illegal sale of drugs must face the severity of the law.
A child learns from his or her family how to best cope with life’s crises. Parents should lead by example to ensure their children are not drawn towards drugs:
  • Moderate own use of addictive drugs whilst keeping children involved in sensible recreational activities.
  • Instil a feeling of “self-value” in the child and teach him or her to say “no”.
  • Talk to the child about his or her dreams and wishes from an early age. Take an interest in the child’s friends and keep an eye on who he or she is spending free time with.
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and let the child know he or she can confide in you.


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