$SHROOMS Blasts 70,000% Up in 24 Hours – How to Get In Early!

• SHROOMS Coin experienced a massive surge in value of 70,000%, making early investors millionaires in the matter of hours.
• With limited liquidity and an emerging tribe of holders, $SHROOMS market cap currently stands at only $1.43 million.
• To ensure you are investing in only the highest quality meme coins and avoid getting rug-pulled, it is important to check smart contract security, funding wallets, social media presence and liquidity locks.

$SHROOMS Coin Surges 70,000%

The latest crypto to experience tremendous gains is $SHROOMS Coin – with prices skyrocketing by a whopping 70,000% in just 24 hours! This incredible surge has created many overnight millionaires and has sparked further interest in meme coin fever that continues to sweep through crypto markets. With a trading volume of over $5.56 million and a market capitalization of only $1.43 million – there could still be room for growth if support levels remain high.

How Can I Get In Early on Meme Coins?

With huge profits being made from meme coins before most even know they exist – how can you get in early on these moonshots? It is essential to do your due diligence before investing or you may risk getting rug-pulled! Some key steps include checking the coin’s smart contract security using Honeypot detectors, examining prelaunch transactions of deployment wallet/s, verifying the contract address on Etherscan, ensuring LPs are locked for later sale of coins and double-checking token buys and sells using tools that monitor DEX transactions. Additionally – it is important to look out for active websites, Twitter accounts, Telegram groups and Medium posts as this indicates greater social media presence which can reduce chances of a rug pull scam.

Market Research Tool: yPredict

If you want to find out which crypto could be the next one to explode – yPredict offers a market research tool which provides insights into potential investments backed by data analysis. Using its algorithms it predicts trends from patterns found in past price movements allowing users to identify promising opportunities within Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other altcoins such as Shrooms (SHR). It also takes into account factors like news sentiment that could influence future prices so users can make more informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies or investing long term.

Meme Coins Defying Expectations

Meme coins have been defying expectations with their continued success despite predictions that meme season was coming to an end soon – however SHROOMS’ remarkable feat shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as investors rush to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity. There are now over 1,790 holders with more than 2000 transactions taking place since launch – proving this project has some serious staying power!


Meme coin mania continues with traders searching for the next big crypto opportunity – SHROOMS’ incredible performance shows just how profitable these investments can be if done correctly! However it is important not to underestimate the risks involved – always conduct thorough research beforehand including checking for honeypots detecors or LP locks among other precautionary measures mentioned above before investing your hard earned money into any digital asset or cryptocurrency venture!